Find Purpose and Balance Again

As you navigate through the challenges of loss

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
Did your divorce leave you confused and anxious?


I'm Rebecca Jerrod

As a twice divorced, mother of a heavenly son, stepmother, entrepreneur, author and speaker, I guide women through the traumas of life changes to reach a place of happiness and joy again.

There is a way through your pain.

 Are you grieving a loss so deep that you feel you won’t survive?  The trauma of losing a special someone is an anguish so deep  you lose yourself as well.  Loss invades your body, your mind and your heart.

In learning to understand your pain and live with your grief, you will grow into a woman more powerfully connected to her soul.   You will find your ability to love more deeply and you will heal.  

You can choose balance and wholeness once again.

Healing begins with taking that first step.

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The first step in making a change is to decide you are not staying where you are.

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The Holiday Plate

Methodically I worked through the cupboards and closets of my father’s condo as I packed up his household to move him south to live with me.  As I finished each box, I labeled it and moved it to the garage to store until the moving truck arrived. We were in the garage, sorting and stacking

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After Jerrod’s Death

After Jerrod’s death, I looked for ways to dig in and reconnect with my life, but nothing  worked. I had no interest in my career, and quit my job within a year.  Nothing captured my interest- it was as if my personality with all my likes and dislikes disappeared.  I no longer cared. About anything.

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The water glistened in front of me.  The glorious morning sun, shining fresh and clean in a blue October sky reflected on the waves with thousands of tiny diamonds sparkling at my feet. “Please take a walk and go down by the waterfront, just to see it and enjoy some outside before your flight,” she

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