Find Purpose and Balance Again.

As you navigate through life's changes & transformations.


I'm Rebecca Jerrod

As a twice divorced, mother of a heavenly son, stepmother, entrepreneur, author and speaker, I guide women through the traumas of life changes to reach a place of happiness and joy again.

There is no excuse for unhappiness.

We are all here to learn more about our world and ourselves through our relationships with others. We discover our deep, true nature of connectedness through love.

 All people deserve to find joy and I am most fulfilled when I am helping others become happier.

It's time to make the shifts necessary to create the life you seek.

It's time to really discover who you are and what you actually want.

Download the FREE Find Me Workbook as your first step to rediscovering you.

The first step in making a change is to decide you are not staying where you are.

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Creating a Relationship Vision Board

Here is why a Relationship Vision Board will work : 1. You keep attracting the “wrong” type. You have no problems with attracting the opposite sex. However, you keep attracting someone who is not your “type”. There could be a number of factors such as differences in race, age, religion, habits or values. You are

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The water glistened in front of me.  The glorious morning sun, shining fresh and clean in a blue October sky reflected on the waves with thousands of tiny diamonds sparkling at my feet. “Please take a walk and go down by the waterfront, just to see it and enjoy some outside before your flight,” she

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Take the Healing Potion

Several months after my divorce, I was facing life as a single mother, running her own business and trying to handle it all. I was also worn out, burning the candle at both ends and living in fear of failure.  I had been experiencing odd symptoms that worried me. A tremor in my left hand

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