Sometimes Love Hurts

Broken hearted, I never saw or spoke to him again.  I spent the next 35 years punishing myself with poor choices, bad decisions, the wrong men.  

Losing someone you love hurts.  When you lose them because you were not ready, because your self-sabotaging behavior steps in, your whole life hurts.

We met when I was in college and I knew we were meant to be together forever.  It didn’t work out, because I lacked faith and the ability to trust in love or to trust him and I fell victim to my own insecurities. 

I went on, in search of love to fill the void, and made wrong choices, got hurt again, hurt others- all because I had not resolved the issues I had about love. Relationship after relationship tanked and I kept struggling to figure it out.

Finally, in desperation and with professional advice, I dove back into my past to discover the key to changing my future.  I pumped up my courage to get in contact with him, the guy from college- my long-lost love. We spoke, and it was terrifying, enlightening and jaw dropping!  

I learned more about myself in that 2 hour phone call than I had ever known.  I let go of the untruths I had been telling myself. I WAS worthy of love and I was a good person.  My path to healing began with that one call. And the self-sabotage stopped. All the stories in my head, telling me I wasn’t lovable, or good enough…they stopped.  I was free!

Now, its six years later my entire life has changed in so many ways!  I moved away from my friends and family, left the city I grew up in to be with him. New job, new friends, new LIFE and we are happily married and I am experiencing more love than I could ever dream.  It was scary, and exciting and exactly what I needed to do!

If I can do this- let me assure you, so can you!  Isn’t it time to drop the made-up stories you’ve been repeating to yourself; time to have the life you want?

Let’s delve deep into the old notions and ideas we create about love and being lovable. Find the little voices inside your head that whispers YOU ARE NOT WORTHY.  The stories our minds have concocted to keep us safe, away from taking chances at real happiness-at finding a new BIG LOVE. Without change, your mind will keep you trapped- away from risks that might cause you pain-but doing so causes you to miss opportunities at great joy as well.

Once discovered, these voices can be silenced for good and replaced by the message from your heart– the REAL truth of who you are and what you deserve.  Your heart has a voice also- and needs to be acknowledged and heard! These voices keep us playing small, fearful of becoming our true BEST selves!

Set your heart on an adventure to discover your true destiny.

Isn’t it time you stop believing the made up stories and find the life you were meant to have?

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