Creating a Relationship Vision Board

Here is why a Relationship Vision Board will work :

1. You keep attracting the “wrong” type.

You have no problems with attracting the opposite sex. However, you keep attracting someone who is not your “type”. There could be a number of factors such as differences in race, age, religion, habits or values. You are not able to find that special someone with most, if not all of, the qualities that you are hoping for.

2. You have been spending Valentine’s Day (and every other holiday) year after year alone but have the desire to spend the next ones with someone special.

Spending holidays alone is fine if you intend to be single the rest of your life,  but not if you want to be in a serious relationship. You keep your fishing pole in the dating pond but don’t get any bites. It’s hard to admit that you have no luck meeting someone nice.

3. You want to break the pattern of relationships that would usually turn out disastrous.

You meet someone and fall in love but you find yourself in the same disastrous pattern each time. The person you become involved with  turns out to be abusive, emotionally unavailable or have an addictive behavior. You make excuses or turn a blind eye, missing the signs, at the start of the relationship. You now realize that enough is enough and that you want to break the pattern of disastrous relationships.

4. You have been hoping to bring your current relationship to the next level.

You are already dating but somehow your partner does not seem to be ready for the next step. You are becoming bored with the routine. You worry that this time next year will find you in the exact same place.   Unfortunately, your partner seems contented with how things currently are and seems to ignore your hints.

OR, perhaps, you are in a committed relationship but the spark is gone?  Seems that something is lacking, preventing you from enjoying quality time together.  Communication is off, you tend to avoid intimacy or your connection seems forced. In any event, you know there is a better way but unsure of how to make it happen. 

5. You are finally hoping to settle down with the ideal mate.

Dating is fun, but you are realize you’re getting older and feel  your biological clock ticking. The idea of starting a family haunts you.  The HOT GUY just isn’t enough anymore- It is time to start seriously looking.

6. You want to express gratitude for your current relationship.

The Relationship Vision Board can also be used to convey your gratitude with what you are already having. If you are already married or even if things are going well, it is nice to express your appreciation. Just like anyone else, the Universe loves feedback too. When you look at your Relationship Vision Board with joy, the Universe knows that it is what you continue to desire. You receive more of the same. Your relationship gets stronger and stronger.

“Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them!” – Jack Canfield

Important Points for a WORKING VISION BOARD:

1. Center  your photo on your board. You can also include a specific picture of the other person together with you if you know who he or she is. If not, someone whos looks appeal to you.

2. Use your Ideal Partner Avatar  as the person you would like to attract. Focus on the inner qualities rather than external appearance. Find pictures or words to represent the qualities that you desire in the ideal person.

3. Choose appropriate pictures of togetherness. Examples of ideal scenes: holding hands together on a beach, taking a holiday together, playing with your kids and so on.  Hearts, words like LOVE/ TOGETHER / SOULMATE etc, anything that depicts relationship goals for you.


In the event you are not looking for a partner or relationship quite yet, I recommend using the techniques with the photos that describe the life you want without a relationship.  The whole point of vision board activity is to focus your emotions and intentions on the things that you want in your life. Health and wellness, new careers, housing and lifestyles, anything that you wish to manifest for yourself!

Activate Your Vision Board

Cutting and pasting pictures on your vision board is the easy part.  To harness the power of your subconscious mind, you will need to learn about the science behind creating, believing and manifesting.  For example, let’s say that your intention is to love yourself more and the feeling “under” that intention is wellbeing.   As you go through the magazines, you find images of people working out at the gym, smoothies, and airbrushed models.  But, when you look at those pictures, you actually feel the opposite- like you aren’t good enough, or like you won’t ever get there.  Those feelings are the opposite of your desired feeling of wellbeing, which means that those AREN’T the images to put on your vision board!

You want to select images that actually conjure the feeling of wellbeing.

Remember the saying, be careful what you wish for? You may just continue to attract what you do not want instead of what you do want, without mastery of the underlying principles. You may even give up too early because you conclude that visioning or your vision board has not worked for you.  

To make it work its magic, become clear on what your vision is- on what you WANT.  Then work to heal all the energy around the vision so that you are in perfect alignment with it.  The final step, is to take action on your vision- doing the steps that allows the very things that you want to FIND YOU!  This means beginning to live in alignment with your intention. Stay in awareness of your thoughts and feelings- keep your focus on the purpose of your board.

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