The Missing Piece of your Life Plan

Setting goals can seem daunting- a task only undertaken by the very brave.  How can you possibly decide what it is you really want, or want to focus on accomplishing?

I used to struggle with this very issue every year on New Years Day as I sat down to plan my year. Then I came across several different sources that all offered the same simple piece of advice:  Focus on what you love, on what moves you and brings you joy. Synchronicity at work!

So I’d like to share these simple easy steps to creating your own life goals!

First, identify what is NOT working in your current situation: The missing pieces of your life. These items should and will be the focus of your future because you are not experiencing joy in these areas.  For example: I don’t like my current job, or I’m too fat, or I hate my car, or I need more friends,etc. 

Now, take those very phrases, and turn them into positive statements: 

I  love my new exciting job; I enjoy and love my body at the perfect weight; I love driving and owning my new beautiful car; My life is filled with wonderful close loving friends who I care about. 

These become your targets for setting goals. Once you pinpoint what’s missing, it’s a fairly simple process to determine what you wish to have instead.  

Next, decide the order of importance that you wish to focus on these items. Logically, a new better paying job would make it easier to afford the new car, so perhaps that would be at the top of your list? Write your list in order that makes sense to you.

Finally, look at the larger picture of your life- are your goals ones that help round out and balance your life? A well rounded Mind Map is a tool to help determine that you are on the right track for setting goals that enhance your life. Key area such as Relationships, spiritual, personal growth, family, fun/recreation,career/business,money,health/wellness are all important to stay balanced and fulfilled. It’s a great idea to have at least one goal in each category.

“Find You and Be That” is a mini planner with the first steps to take when setting goals. Its bite sized to keep you from getting overwhelmed and is a good starting point if goal setting is new to you. Its available on my website

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