Women experience life deeply and reverently.

We are the bringers of life into the world.​

We nurture, love, endure, survive and remember in ways no man ever could.  Our stories live inside our bodies, shaping our souls and our lives. Often those stories carry pain, tragedy, heartbreak at levels that nearly destroy us.  

Because we are women, we stay strong until the last breaking point. And then, we collapse in defeat and fear. We struggle, we search for ways to go on, to find strength, support, guidance from wherever we can.

Sometimes, the help finds us…

Hi, I'm Rebecca Jerrod, a life coach and mentor specializing in transforming grief into new purpose and direction

At 39, unhappy, heading for divorce and single motherhood, I found an old dilapidated house…missing part of a roof, with boarded up doorways and broken windows, it looked exactly like I felt inside my heart. Something told me, INSISTED that I buy this broken shell of a home. 

As I rebuilt the beautiful old building, I began to rebuild my own life. My dream- that same insistent voice from outside my own head and heart; told me to turn it into a gorgeous bed and breakfast inn.

Once completed, it attracted amazing guests- spiritual healers and teachers, writers, singers, actors, philosophers and world leaders.  With these guests as my teachers and guides, I stepped on the path to healing. These wonderful people taught me to clear my own baggage, forgive, to release what no longer served.

Transforming, I became strong, fearless and deeply committed to discovering my core beliefs and healing my past.

I developed a self Love that balanced my very soul.

I began my coaching practice in my kitchen at the bed and breakfast, and for 17 years, taught and shared what I had learned on my own journey.    I began writing a book about the amazing experiences I had.

And then I reconnected with my old love.

He was the key to my final healing-showing me that I had spent nearly all my adult life punishing myself for losing him. I sold my business, moved several states away to be with him, settled into the happiness of a loving marriage. I reopened my coaching business, dealing primarily with relationship coaching. And I worked on my book. Life was so good!

Just when I believed I was safe and comfortable, that life was calming down, my only biological son, Jerrod, was killed in a terrible car accident.

My new beautiful life as I knew it, ended that day.

Once again, I began the journey of rebuilding myself and my world, living after loss and trauma.  What I teach and coach today is the very program I put myself through to overcome the greatest tragedy of my life.

I believe we are at our very best when we live fully in loving relationships, with ourselves first and with others; working to fulfill our desires and goals.

My mission in life is to help you rediscover YOUR TRUE INNER SELF and find your path back  to joy and fulfillment.