The Holiday Plate

Methodically I worked through the cupboards and closets of my father’s condo as I packed up his household to move him south to live with me.  As I finished each box, I labeled it and moved it to the garage to store until the moving truck arrived. We were in

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After Jerrod’s Death

After Jerrod’s death, I looked for ways to dig in and reconnect with my life, but nothing  worked. I had no interest in my career, and quit my job within a year.  Nothing captured my interest- it was as if my personality with all my likes and dislikes disappeared.  I

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The water glistened in front of me.  The glorious morning sun, shining fresh and clean in a blue October sky reflected on the waves with thousands of tiny diamonds sparkling at my feet. “Please take a walk and go down by the waterfront, just to see it and enjoy some

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Take the Healing Potion

Several months after my divorce, I was facing life as a single mother, running her own business and trying to handle it all. I was also worn out, burning the candle at both ends and living in fear of failure.  I had been experiencing odd symptoms that worried me. A

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Staring blankly out that car window as we crossed the bridge, I knew our marriage was over.  Tears spilled down my cheeks as I looked down at the old abandoned boats sitting in the water below. They were faded, stripped of anything valuable or worth resale.  They were abandoned there

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Being Alone is Better than Staying with You

Why is it we stay when we know a relationship is over?  When we are being treated as less than, when our needs are not being met?  How is it that a man can just up and leave, whatever his reason? But we women stay, we struggle, we cry and

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The Missing Piece of your Life Plan

Setting goals can seem daunting- a task only undertaken by the very brave.  How can you possibly decide what it is you really want, or want to focus on accomplishing? I used to struggle with this very issue every year on New Years Day as I sat down to plan

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Sometimes Love Hurts

Broken hearted, I never saw or spoke to him again.  I spent the next 35 years punishing myself with poor choices, bad decisions, the wrong men.   Losing someone you love hurts.  When you lose them because you were not ready, because your self-sabotaging behavior steps in, your whole life hurts.

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