Helping women who have experienced loss to achieve balance, happiness and a renewed sense of self.

Women identify who they are by their roles in marriage, motherhood and career success.  When these things change due to loss-           a death, divorce, menopause, job/career change, or just empty nest syndrome, life can fall apart! 

It's terrifying to lose your sense of identity.
You feel ungrounded and alone.
You lose yourself in grief.

In all of these cases, healing begins when you realign with who you are, what you want from YOUR life and become grounded and clear on your new purpose.  This means digging down to discover the beautiful joyous woman that is still there, living deep inside.

Life Coaching with Rebecca

We work together to clear negative trauma, re focus energy on finding your sense of self worth and create a new life purpose with new goals based on your  passions. We establish a new path to achieve your dreams.  It all begins by opening your heart up with proven coach strategies, meditation exercises, journal writing prompts and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

With coaching you become focused, clear on what you want and need.  You release old negative belief systems that no longer serve you.   You set aside fear and become confident again.  Perhaps you discover that exuberant  young girl just starting out on her life adventure. The one who loved being in her own skin, enjoying her own life!  Your days will become filled with passion again and your dreams will resurface. You’ll discover what truly brings you peace.


Knowing what you want in life aligns you with your identity.  Together we bring clarity to your thoughts, identify your core belief system and remove the untrue, negative stories.


Clearing the mental clutter and pinning down a timeline builds faster results than fumbling through on your own. You focus your intention so that you can experience success in less time and with less struggle.


Identifying your secret dreams  creates passion fueled goals that move you to achieve. We will define each goal into a smart, measurable result in less time than you will alone.   

New Life Path

Designing a map of the direction you wish to travel forward assures that your internal guidance system will keep you grounded.                        Being accountable to me as your coach will strengthen your dedication.

Refreshed Identity

Knowing who you are and what you want commits your inner being to this new life you have planned for yourself. Together we uncover the YOU hiding inside and bring her out into the fresh air and sunshine again.

Let's create a roadmap to your own success and begin that journey!

The Coaching Process


We begin with a  NO COST discovery call in which we define and pinpoint your needs. Much like speaking to your best girlfriend, our discussion will bring up issues and areas of uncertainties through Q&A, meditative exercises, sharing. If we feel the connection, we will decide the time needed to address your concerns and commit to a starting date. 


We’ll uncover negative beliefs, old patterns and thought systems that hold you back. We’ll define what dreams would bring you back from loss and into your life again, then create these dreams into do-able action steps and design individualized goal programs with a vision board, idea map and life wheel balance exercises. I provide a large assortment of resources (ie: nutrition, wellness, balance, career counseling, spiritual guidance) to assist you on your total plan.           Weekly accountability ensures you reach your goals quickly and easily.


At the end of our time together, you will have redefined you identity as a woman you are proud to be. You will have direction, focused planning and timelines to accomplish your desired goals.  Your life will already feel different, your mindset will be clear and grounded and your energetic vibration will match your dreams, creating a new harmony for your future!

We are all a great work in progress, so start today!

My Coaching Packages & Programs

Divorce or Breakup

You’re over the devastation of your marriage/relationship ending and ready to rejoin the living.  But the thought of what to do with yourself now that your role as wife/partner is gone is overwhelming. You know that sitting at home alone on the sofa watching Netflix is NOT the future you want. Fear holds you back from even the idea of going out to dinner alone or joining an activity to meet new friends. You’re not even sure you are lovable anymore.

This program reconnects you to your inner self, the woman you are today- single, centered and clear. We will identify negative beliefs about yourself and your former relationship. As you uncover the truth of who you are,you will move into a new place of blessing and allowing for your new growth.  With focus on what you want in your future by letting go of what did not work, we align your hope and dreams and create a new pathway- ie: meeting a new circle of friends, dating, or going it alone. In all cases, the focus is on YOU putting yourself first and loving that woman!

Menopause and Health/Wellness

You are a successful accomplished woman, certain of your place in the world. Then IT begins…

The hot flashes, weight gain, loss of energy, irritability, insomnia and constant mood swings has left you angry, discouraged and lost.  Nothing seems to work and life just sucks. You can barely stand yourself, let alone other people!

This program focuses on your diet and nutrition, your mental state gets balanced with support, meditation and energy work; recommended wellness tips and exercises to improve mood and relax your body.  Using alternative therapies to assist in feeling more like yourself and getting in tune with the new transformations of your body. 

Mid life is just the springboard to the rest of your life- let’s make it amazing!

Loss of a Loved One

Grief is a life changing phenomenon.  If one more person tells you “Time heals” you will scream and slug them. No amount of time will erase your loss.  It’s a hole in the middle of your very being. And nothing or no one can fix it. I know this, having lost my son recently.

This is my own personal program and I am living proof that it works.  Most important, this program allows you to respond in your own time, learn coping skills to get you through the hardest parts, and guide you gently and effectively into creating a new way of living with your loss. You will gain new skills to adapt, begin building a more positive mindset one step at a time and begin to understand this terrible thing that happened did not end YOUR life, only altered your direction.

Grief never goes away so we learn to live with it in a constructive way.

Job/Career Change or Retirement

Feeling pecked to death by the younger team members at your office? You hate dragging yourself to work these days, the daily grind no longer suits you.  You’re daydreaming about a change– new career, new passion project or ready to downgrade to part time with more leisure and “ME” time.

The program assists you in establishing your goals, pinpoints clear and focused attention to what you would rather be doing and defines what you need to accomplish those- time, finances, education. Create that timeline to accomplish your new path. And bring out your enjoyment in your self and what you love.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Those crazy, noisy, messy children/people are gone, grown up and out into the world.  You’ve been Mom, maid, cabdriver, lunch maker, wound healer, confidante and counselor for so long you don’t even know your own reflection now.  The house is so quiet and though you dreamed about the day when you could have time for yourself, now it’s here and you absolutely HATE IT! Empty nest carries a different kind of grief and requires a different approach to moving forward in life.

Having been a mom, stepmom and foster mom to seven kids and the hub where everyone hung out during high school, I feel your pain. The silence of an empty house can drive you crazy!

This proven program helps you recoup and gather your wits. You will have support, resources, ideas and reconditioning to find your  new purpose and develop your new parent role, based on the lovely woman you have had on hold until the kids were grown. Now is the time to bring her out in all her wonder and glory!

A few things to know about working together:

No two women are the same; everyone has individual needs, so my programs are customized and personal to you.

You must be ready to make clear changes and commit to your growth.  Coaching with me requires you to put in the effort and do the work.  I cannot do it for you.

Our work together is private and confidential.

I do not take on clients who are in financial distress/crisis.  This is an exchange between us that requires financial commitment.

You will receive as many resources, assessments, strategies as you ask for. Our goal is to move forward with tremendous momentum., without overwhelming you.

There are creative and interesting assignments between our calls designed to get you moving in the right direction and thinking in new ways

90 days is the minimum contract.

If you are interested in working directly with me as a client, please schedule your call below.

3 Ways to Work with Me

1:1 Private Coaching  conducted online

Group Coaching conducted online

Recorded classes online

Workshops in person

90 days is standard package, with 6 month, 9 month and one year coaching available.

PRICING FOR COACHING Discussed on Discovery call


All programs require a contract.